Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Enduring Themes and New Horizons for Educational Technology

by Carmel McNaught, The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong

Main Message: Social media is people interacting with people: let's do it wisely.

Opening background: The challenge of interdisciplinary interconnections, multidisciplinary and multiplicity (Friesen, 2009 p. 12).

Be sure to readthe HORIZON REPORT (Johnson, Levine, Smith, & Stone, 2010) www.wp.nmc.org/horizonreport2009/

We have more literacies like Media Literacy, cultural literacy, network , computer, written, library, linguistic, digital literacies, but not digital chaos.

Web 3.0 will have more user generated context: we'll be influenced by what's presented, aggregated (like when Amazon recommends other people's "picks".)

at the University of Melbourne they have replaced lectures and replaced them with interactive tutorials. See ChemCALOnline - includes hints or explanations depending on the level of help a student wants or needs - and instructors can see how much help the student accessed.

The internet has a set of resources to be used in a learning environment, but not to replace them. See the video on youtube on the Apple iPAD guided tour elements

Carmel recommends buying the book: Learning Design & Learning Objects by Lockyer, Bennett, Agosthin, & Harper. The latest edition of the Australia-based journal "distance Education" Vol 30 No. 2 is devoted entirely on research on learning design.

Laurillard's 1993 Model shows 12 activities for teaching and learning where the thought is that teachers must think about learning design and their own knowledge.

Great cartoons on glasbergen.com - and that's the end of this keynote notes section.

(or have your library buy it).

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  1. One thing I forgot is the Deliberatorium

    web-based deliberation tool by MIT:

    The Deliberatorium is an implemented, evolving, web-based system developed to help large distributed groups efficiently arrive at well-founded conclusions concerning responses to complex challenges like climate change.